A bunch of years back..

I woke up with discomfort in my back. By the end of the day it was excruciating and going down my leg. I found myself barely able to move. What happened? I didn’t do anything that I even remembered to cause this that I could think of! I had always been healthy, athletic, and I didn’t do anything major to injure myself. I went to the medical doctor, athletic trainers, physical therapy. Nothing was helping. I was unable to do much of anything, let alone play college baseball. Other areas of my life and health were being affected. I was scared. At the suggestion of a family friend I tried chiropractic. I saw incredible results in many areas and found the experience to be extremely empowering

While I understood chiropractic to be great for helping me get back on the field, that was only 2% of what chiropractic is about. The whole chiropractic story, or The Big Idea, is what I have dedicated my life to.

 What is The Big Idea?

  Simple really, the idea that your body chemistry controls your functions, your health, your LIFE EXPRESSION , and that chemistry of LIFE is controlled by your central nervous system. That system is so important that it is protected by bone: the skull for your brain and the spinal bones for your spinal cord with your spinal nerves exiting between your spinal bones.

subluxationNow, a little-known fact is that daily stresses of life cause misalignments of the vertebra, known as vertebral subluxations, These subluxations cause subtle pressure to the nerves and spinal cord, and, therefore, interfere with the functions of your LIFE.

A simple way to look at it is like this. Your brain sends life by way of mental impulses or messages to body cells and receives messages back from body cells. Picture a safety pin. When everything is well connected it is like a closed safety pin, a closed circuit. Everything functions with ease. With subluxation (loss of alignment) it is like opening the safety pin and interrupting the circuit. This results in nerve interference, a lack of full coordination, and a lack of ease.

Chiropractors look to “reconnect” that safety pin cycle to restore ease. Chiropractors are the only health professionals that provide the invaluable service of checking for and correcting these vertebral subluxations because we know these to be detrimental to a person’s full expression of LIFE. So, the fact that chiropractic adjustments keep me feeling good is a big deal, but knowing that regular adjustments keep my nervous system functioning at its optimum is PRICELESS! After all, what part of LIFE does not include the Central Nervous System?

Dr. Ernesto Rios

Dr. Ernie

Meet Dr. Ernie

Dr. Ernesto Rios received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from San Diego State University and is a proud native of San Diego. Dr. Rios specializes in wellness care with an emphasis in prevention. Dr. Rios is a firm believer of achieving optimal health by increasing general function and improving quality of life. He stresses the importance of a healthy spine for overall health and wellness. Dr. Rios is bilingual in English and Spanish and has advanced skills in adjustment technique.